Post-Specialist Fellowship Programmes are now available to our medically qualified members.

Head &Neck Oncology, Cleft Surgery and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowships have a duration of one year.

Fellowships with accompanying training certificates are a double-edge sword. On one hand, they help promote the speciality by claiming and officialising subspecialisation, on the other hand they may generate competition by supraspecialisation within our ranks.

Potential directors and candidates for the fellowship are invited to complete the downloadable application form and to submit it electronically to the Secretariat. Accreditation of the programme(s) will follow as soon as a contract is drawn between the director and the fellowship candidate.
We hope that this project will blossom and that more programmes will be established in the near future. It is accepted that more than one centre may be involved in the provision of an individual training programme. We are well aware that with every ‘new undertaking there are impending obstacles, but we are determined to overcome these for the sake of our trainees/fellows and the future of our profession.

For information about Fellowships, please contact:

Mrs Jill McFarland
EACMFS Secretariat
PO Box 85
Midhurst GU29 9WS
West Sussex

Telephone: +44 (0)1730 810951
Fax: +44 (0)1790 812042