EACMFS Scholarships and Fellowships EACMFS Scholarships and Fellowships are available for our members who hold a valid license to practise medicine and are trainees in or even qualified specialists in maxillofacial surgery.
These Scholarships and Fellowships aim to help those colleagues who have a special interest either in facial aesthetic/cosmetic surgery, cleft/craniofacial surgery, or head & neck surgical oncology and are eager to improve their skills in all the aspects of the chosen sub-specialty. They shall also widen the individual’s experience of living abroad for a period of time up to one year in case of an accredited Fellowship whilst working in a Centre accredited by the Association and/or the special Fellowship Committee. A limited financial support is offered to cover travelling costs and accommodation for the beginning of their time only in the city of the host Centre. Two types of clinical exposure are offered: Scholarship: a)  A short clinical stay of 8 weeks as a Scholar aiming to complete a training course offered by the Centre.  Fellowship: b)  A long clinical stay (up to 1 year or more) living in the host country and being member of the surgical team of the Fellowship Centre. The Fellowship can be shared amongst more than one accredited Fellowship Centres, in the form of a Joint Clinical Fellowship.  An interest in clinical research for such Fellowship is essential.   The Scholarship and Fellowship offers are valid for a maximum of three Scholars/Fellows per year (one per subspecialty).
Criteria for an EACMFS-Scholarship/EACMFS-Fellowship: 1. The applicant should be a member of EACMFS. 2. The applicant should be in an official training post or being a qualified specialist in maxillofacial surgery according to the regulations to be applicable in his/her home country – or the country in which he/she has acquired speciality training. 3. The Scholarship/Fellowship Centre should be accredited by EACMFS.  The host Centre shall enable the applicant for Fellowship to examine patients pre- and postoperatively and offer participation as a surgeon/co-surgeon/assisting surgeon. 4. Temporary leave from the home centre should have been made possible by the chairperson and the bureau of administration of that centre. 5. Indemnity insurance must be taken care of by the Scholar/Fellow. 6. Interest in the chosen surgical subspecialty has to be clearly demonstrated, ideally by defining a research project to be initiated or pursued by the Fellow in the chosen Centre. This may also contribute to help financially to enable the stay away from home. 7. The Fellow shall maintain a surgical logbook for the time spent in the host Centre. 8. Financial resources should be made available for covering the one-(or  more)-year’s stay of a Fellow at the host Centre, either by a remunerated  position funded by either the home centre or the host Centre, or by a grant that  will enable the applicant to perform a study while staying at the host Centre.   In any case, the Fellow is to prepare a scientific study at the host Centre focussing on a topic concerning the maxillofacial subspecialty in question and which has to be submitted for publication to the Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery. 9. Reports are to be sent to the EACMFS Secretariat at the conclusion of the Scholarship/Fellowship (including the logbook). In case of a longer stay we would ask for a preliminary report after the first 6 months already. In the end an EACMFS Scholarship/ Fellowship Certificate will be awarded to the Scholar/Fellow. When applying, a complete CV, a certified log book of the operations performed during the residency, and a list of scientific publications (co-)authored by the applicant plus written proof of all the above shall be addressed to the EACMFS Secretariat. For more details, please, visit www.eacmfs.org.


The European Association for  Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery  


The Charles Wolfson Centre for Reconstructive Surgery

Royal Free and UCLH Hospitals

 ➢  Suitable candidate should fulfil the following criteria:

       o   Trainee Member of EACMFS

       o   Dually qualified

       o   Interest in clinical / translational research

 ➢  Desirable criteria:

      o   Proven track record of experience in surgery and research

All applicants should apply with a personal statement (250 words)  and CV directly to:-

EACMFS Secretariat

POX Box 85


West Sussex GU29 0NS