Founder Members were elected at the inauguration of the Association.
Honorary Members are practitioners of great eminence who have made major contributions to cranio-maxillo-facial surgery*.
Active Membership is open to surgeons undertaking the major part of their work in a range of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery* who have satisfied the education & training requirements as set down in the Constitution of the Association .
Annual membership fee** – €150

Specialist Trainee Membership is open to practitioners enrolled on certified European training programmes complying with the European guidelines for training in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery*.
Annual membership fee – €50

Junior Trainee and Undergraduate Student Membership (JTUS) will be available in this category to any medical or dental graduate aspiring to become a specialist in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. This category of membership is also available to medical or dental undergraduate students. Eligibility for membership in this category will be determined by self-declaration of status by the applicant, The Councillor for the region will be notified of all applications, from within the region for which they are responsible. JTUS members who become specialist trainees, or specialists, will not be entitled to continue as a JTUS member, but should apply for their membership category to be changed as appropriate to their status
Annual membership fee – €50

Associate Membership is open to graduates working in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery or related fields.
Annual membership fee** – €150

Retired Membership is open to Founder Members, Active Members and Associate Members who have retired from surgical practice. Please contact secretariat directly
Free of charge or reduced membership fee (including print JCMFS) – €50
* According to the scope of the specialty as set down in European Guidelines for Specialty Training in Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery UEMS 2002
** Special rates apply for certain Eastern European Countries, please contact secretariat directly