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Evaluation of the current state of microvascular reconstructive surgery

Microvascular reconstructive surgery is one of the main pillars of modern maxillofacial surgery. It has been more than ten years, since Kansy et al. 2014 conducted a survey on this topic on an European level. Since then, multiple technologies such as CAD/CAM, modern osteosynthesis concepts and novel drugs have emerged into our clinical practice. All of these and changing circumstances such as the pandemic had the potential to have changed the way, we plan and perform these procedures.

To obtain an overview over the current state of microvascular reconstructive surgery In Europe, we would like to ask you to participate in our online survey. Your help is highly appreciated.

All data will be handled and evaluated anonymously.

Interlynk H2020 Project Survey: on Bone Replacement Materials
This survey aims to assess choices and views about the use and development of bone replacement materials.
It will only take you up to 4 min to complete it.

European Survey: use of digital technologies assistance in the maxillofacial operating room.

This survey aims to establish an European overview about the use of digital technologies for surgical assistance (intra-operative imaging, navigation, robotics and 3D printed medical devices).

Isolated Mandibular Angle Fracture Survey