Tuesday 13 July 2021



Wednesday 14 July 2021

The face diseased: A journey toward understanding the diseases of the face through universal paintings

Florencio Monje

Hemifacial microsomia from birth to adult long -term management

Manikandham Ramanathan

Head & Neck Sarcomas: Principles of Management and Long Term Outcomes

Nicholas Kalavrezos

Personalized implants: A new era in maxillofacial reconstruction

Luis Vega

Applications of Supermicrosurgery: More Sophisticated and Less Invasive Reconstruction

Takumi Yamamoto


Thursday 15 July 2021

Navigation in Cranio-Maxillofacial oncologic surgery

Julio Acero

Anatomy clinical relevance nowadays: research examples in anatomy

Gaoussou Toure

Transplantation of decellularized facial tissues

Benoit Lengelé

The wonderful adventure of the face architecture in human evolution

Florencio Monje

Prefabricated Composite Tissues for the Reconstruction of Complex Maxillary Defects: Functional and Aesthetic Principles

Kurt Georg Vinzenz

Deviated Nose deformity- Clinico pathological analysis and approach for Rhinoplast

Sanjay Parashar


Friday 16 July 2021

A Half Century of Sleep Apnea Management: Evolution & Current Status

GE Ghali

Hair Restoration By FUE: A Surgical Artistry!

Kiran Babaruvan Savant

Structured deep plane necklift

Andre Auersvald

Eagle Syndrome: a multidisciplinary & comprehensive approach

Francesco Saverio De Ponte

Global Health Care for Surgeons. Providing Safe Surgery and Competent Care in Low Resource Countries

Andrew M Wexler

43 years of Explorations and Treatments on Salivary Pathology, what will be the Future?

Philippe Katz

Lecture Hugo Obwegeser: Risk Factor

Peter Brennan