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Leibinger Award

The Leibinger Award Presented by Stryker is designed to support a period of targeted education & training away from the host programme of the successful candidate.

The award will be given every two years.  The award will be presented officially at a high profile event in the main auditorium during the biennial EACMFS Congress and successful candidates will be expected to attend. The visit duration shall be left to the discretion of the applicant as long as the proposed budget does not exceed the award amount and the trip commences within 12 months from the award date.

The award shall support the successful candidates to gain further experience in the fields of maxillofacial trauma, orthognathic surgery, H&N oncology, or craniofacial reconstruction by visiting specialized centres.

The award shall be comprised of two parts:

  • €5,000.00 scholarship, per awardee, to cover travel and accommodation at the host centre.
  • An additional amount up to €750, per awardee, to cover travel expenses so the recipient can deliver a verbal, post-visit presentation at the EACMFS Council dinner or another event agreed upon by the representatives from Stryker and the EACMFS Executive Committee.

Successful candidates will be required to submit a written report to the Secretary General not more than three months after return from the host unit.

The Leibinger Award is restricted to Junior Trainee Undergraduate Student Members on a European training pathway and Specialist Trainee Members of EACMFS (plus those who have successfully completed training as specialists within three years of the date of application)* and are decided by the Endowment Committee ratified by the Executive Committee and reported to the Council.

Requirements of the application:

  • EACMFS Membership should precede the application by six months*
  • Attendance at the following biennial EACMFS Congress (copy of registration/payment receipt)
  • Acceptance of oral presentation at the following biennial EACMFS Congress
    The theme of the presentation should be relative to the anticipated scope of the visitation
    (copy of abstract plus abstract acceptance)
  • Submission of a completed application form
  • Detailed curriculum vitae
  • Summary of career aspirations and contributions already made to the specialty
  • Details of the aims, objectives and the gains anticipated by the visitation.

Deadline – 30th JUNE preceding the Congress

Signed approval by the host and visiting programme directors is mandatory and it is strongly recommended that prospective candidates seek advice and approval from the respective national bodies supervising the training programmes.